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Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions (henceforth: the Terms and Conditions) are valid between you and “POST ARCHIVE FACTION (PAF)”(henceforth: PAF; may be referred to as “us” and “we”)

and apply to all use of and orders placed on PAF website, and orders made by telephone, e-mail or by live chat with PAF’s Customer Service team (henceforth together: the “Website”).

PAF reserves the right to revise and update the Terms and Conditions at any time. The date of the latest update is found in the final section of the Terms and Conditions.

Users are responsible for keeping themselves updated with such changes.


When you place an order on the Website, you can choose to create an account or check out as a guest. If you choose to create an account,

we will store the information that you provide to your order such as shipping and billing address as well as email address.


Please make sure that you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions before you place an order.

After submitting your order, we will send you an order confirmation email with your order number, details of the product you have ordered from us.


All product’s prices shown on the Website doesn’t include neither VAT or import duties.

There can be VAT or customs duties charged on customers(recipient of the shipment) and this varies by countries and total amount, and the materials.

Since all international orders are shipped as DAP(Delivered At Place), customer may have to pay applicable taxes, fees or duties at local customs offices.


International orders can be purchased via PayPal only. If PayPal disapproved your order during the transaction, your order can be canceled.

We are not responsible for any charges or penalties which may be imposed by the payment provider as result of payment being processed in respect of your order.


Dispatch of orders may take up to 7 business days but we aim to dispatch all orders within 1~2 business days during weekdays.

Please note that delivery times are provided as guidelines only, and commence from the date of dispatch.

The delivery times do not take into account possible delays caused by payment authorization and/or stock availability.

International orders will be shipped via FedEx or DHL to the shipping address you have indicated.

Since PAF does not provide insurance shipping, please contact if customers want to get International Shipment Insurance.

If the destination is out of the coverage of the courier, PAF can charge an additional delivery fee to you.

The additional charge will be sent via PayPal invoice to you, and it will be shipped after you pay it.


To request refund for international order, please contact

Exchange is not available for all international orders.

All requests for return must be made in 7 days from the receiving date via 

Once customers initiate the refund, the products in original condition with a tag must be returned to us within 14 days from the receiving date.

If the products’ value has diminished due to your handling of the products to a greater extent than is necessary in order to ascertain its characteristics or function, you have an obligation to reimburse us. Thus, PAF then has the right to withhold such amount of the refund. 

To avoid a deduction, please make sure the product you wish to refund is in the exact same condition as when you received them, with a tag attached. Customs taxes of international orders are not included in the amount of refund.

-The return & refund

After customers request the return, PAF will send the return label via FedEx and invoice to customers via email, then customers must return the product with those documents. 

Customers need to contact local FedEx so that customers adjust which date or time the courier picks it up.

After PAF receives the product and confirms that it is in original condition, refund will proceed via PayPal within 3 business days from the receiving date. 

The refund proceeds via PayPal as customers purchased, and additional fee including PayPal international transaction fee(4.4% of total payment+0.30USD) and the round-shipping fee(varies by size and country) will be subtracted from the total amount of refund. 

In case of the refund of part of orders, PayPal international transaction fee(4.4% of total payment+0.30USD) and one-way shipping fee(30USD) will be subtracted.


The guarantee lasts a year from the receiving date. Once the defect is claimed and considered as a defect caused during production in guarantee period,

customers will get free repair or full refund including transaction fee and shipping fee. PAF is not responsible for any damages caused by personal carelessness.



Copyrights in the documents provided in the website (including, without limitation the trademarks of PAF, graphics, text, photos, designs, images, data) are owned by or licensed to PAF and its affiliates.

You may not charge anyone for use of the material and you may not publish, duplicate or otherwise distribute the material to others without prior consent from PAF.


Cookies are used in the website to improve customers' browsing experience. In addition to use for statistical purposes, cookies identify your devices and allow the website to recall your personal settings.

Your browser can be set to send a notification when a cookie is activated. This allows you to deny use of cookies or to delete the cookie at the end of your visit.

The website may not be accessed if cookies are disabled. By browsing the website, you consent to the use of cookies.


PAF may amend the content of the website at any time. PAF cannot be held responsible for any damages caused from using the website or, for that matter, not being able to use the website.

PAF cannot guarantee issue-free, uninterrupted, and secure access to the website.


PAF liabilities to you are limited in each separate case to these T&C unless it is stipulated by law. PAF must assume any liability for indirect damages such as loss of profit or

in case of force majeure such as war, civil war, revolution, riot, governmental measures, strike, lockout, blockage, failure of electricity, internet service, natural disasters or similar cases.

PAF’s liabilities to you will never exceed your total purchase amount of each order. In case of force majeure, PAF’s obligations will be suspended.

The contract between you can PAF can, in such cases, be partially or fully terminated by yourself or PAF.

Terms & conditions 2.0 updated 02/03/2023

I have read and agree to the user agreement.

Privacy Policy

1.  Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information

A.  Contract fulfillment obligated by provision of services and settlement of payment for the services provided

Supply of content, purchase and payment, delivery of goods or billing statements and others, user authentication for financial transactions and financial services

B.  Member management

User authentication to access members-only service, identity verification, prevention of unauthorized or illegal use, membership subscription check, validation of user age, confirmation of consent/agreement from legal representative for users under the age of 14, handling of complaints and civil affairs, delivery of notices

2.  Types of Personal Information Collected : Name, date of birth, gender, user ID, password, telephone number, mobile phone number, E-mail address, personal information of legal representative for users under the age of 14

3. Duration of Retention and Use of Personal Information

As a general rule, once the personal data has fulfilled the purposes for which they were collected, they will be discarded without delay. However, it shall be retained for a specified period of time due to the reasons mentioned below.

A.  Duration of Retention and Use of Personal Information

Retention pursuant to prevention of illegal transaction and internal shopping mall: OO years

B.  Retention pursuant to applicable laws

o Records on contracts or withdrawal of offers and the like:

- Reasons of retention: Act on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc.

- Retention Period : 5 years

o Records on payment settlement and supply of goods etc.

- Reasons of retention: Act on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc

- Retention Period : 5 years

o Records on processing of customer disputes and complaints

- Reasons of retention: Act on Consumer Protection in the Electronic Commerce Transactions, Etc

- Retention Period : 3 years

o Log records

- Reasons of retention: Communication Privacy Act

- Retention Period : 3 months

※ If you do not accept these terms, you will not be able to create an account with us.

I have read and agree to the privacy policy.

Sharing Information with Third Parties(optional)

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

You can choose whether or not to consent to these terms.

However, disagreeing or withdrawing your consent may limit the services we are able to provide to you.

- Name of Party :

- Type of Information Disclosed :

- Purpose of Use :

- Time Period of Use and Storage :

Do you agree to share your personal information with third parties?

Entrusting Personal Information (optional)

Consent to entrust handling of personal information

You can choose whether or not to consent to these terms.

However, disagreeing or withdrawing your consent may limit the services we are able to provide to you.

- Trustee :

- Trustee’s Duties :

Do you agree to the policies on entrusting your personal information?

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